One of the reasons we picked a cockatiel is that on top of being the reported easy ‘starter bird’ they are supposed to be very social and much quieter than other birds.  Well, unless other bird breeds sound like freight trains and machine guns I’m going to have to say we got suckered on that one!  This little one is very vocal… all the time.  WHOA nelly!  I’m a fan of bird noises… in the wild.  In the home it’s going to be an adjustment.  I’m really hoping that some (or most) of it is the fact that he has been taken from his siblings and the cages he knew and put all alone in a strange environment (and I assure you, my home is indeed a strange environment) and that he is trying to figure it all out.  He wants to be out of the cage and on us all the time and loudly lets us know this.  I’m trying to be loving and patient and let him settle.  I do not have all day to hold a bird.  There are toilets and a kitchen that I have to stay busy finding other things to do than clean!  I can’t lay around giving out head scritches when I could be not vacuuming elsewhere in the house!! 

Positive thinking:  This noise is lovely.  It’s temporary.  He will learn to enjoy his cage time quietly. 

Fortunately my sanity was already gone or I just might be in danger of losing it.


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