I was recently introduced to Kim’s Magic Pops.  They are a low calorie, non fat disk of coagulated air that is advertised as having ZERO Weight Watchers points.  I bought a bag, and immediately realized that the magic is not in the taste, but in the fact that they are made of nothing.  Air.  And a molecule of rice.  Magic.  But, the point is that they are a guilt-free vehicle to get something tastier into your mouth.  SO, I took the challenge.

Smear one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on the Magic Pop.  Slightly flavorful and satisfying for about a minute and a half.  1 point

Smear 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on a Magic Pop.  More substance.  Satisfying for 20 minutes.                                                  5 points

2 ounces of cheddar cheese and some salsa on the magic pop.  Much more tasty, still a little dry, satsifying for about 22 minutes.      6 points

By this point I’m realizing the possibilities are endless with these Magic Pops.  They are really magical, I’m having more fun every minute and there must be a way to not notice you are eating cardboard… CHOCOLATE.  Got it. 

Enough dark chocolate to cover the Magic Pop, topped with 2 cups of vanilla ice-cream, doused with chocolate syrup, generously topped with whipped cream and a crushed Heath bar!!!   36 points!!!!!!!!

DONE!   I win!  I started with a nonfat, no point, wafer of nothingness and ended up with the most heinously diet crashing decadent dessert imaginable.  And believe you me, under all that sugar, that pop was entirely palatable!

After this adventure my son says to me, “Mom, tomorrow can we practice how to make brussel sprouts taste good?”

Yes my child.  Yes we can!


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