I woke up this morning with my two beautiful, and healthy, children snuggled with me in my bed. 

I could smell the coffee my wonderful, devoted,  husband had brewed. 

I was swelling with pride, and my heart was bursting with joy and gratitude for this amazing life that I don’t deserve but that I am none-the-less living.

Virtually floating in my morning high of happiness, I went down stairs to greet this day with open arms and heart.

 As soon as I stepped into the kitchen… I stepped in a fresh pile of steamy little dog turds, BAREFOOT!

Then I rememeber that PRIDE is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. 

And that’s how I know that God has a sense of humor.  And karma’s a bitch. 

Don’t worry, I’m back to my cynical, sarcastic, self-depricating self now. 



     The face of guilt!  Big Bad Lou!


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