As a family, we don’t go to the movie theater often.  Between the cost of tickets, snacks, and inability to pause for bathroom breaks it’s just not a good use of time and money.  But I broke down and took the kids to see Journey 2: Mysterious Island.   I was super pleasantly surprised at what a great movie it is… I give it an A – and highly recommend it.  I break down my review based on the following: plot, special effects, characters and acting.

Plot: Young Sean is searching for a mysterious island and his grandfather.  His new step-father takes him on this journey.  His step-father is played by Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.  Hmmmm, The Rock.  That smile… those pecs… Yes, it’s a very good plot.

Special effects:  There is a big storm, tiny elephants, volanic eruptions… Dwayne Johnson’s smile and pecs are 100% real, no special effects are needed!

Characters: Have you been paying attention?!?  Dwayne Johnson!!! Need I say more?  No, not really.  Okay, just one more time; Dwayne Johnson!  The Rock… ooh, did you feel it?  THE ROCK… that smile, those pecs…

Acting:  Did you see the commercial where The Rock bounces berries off his pecs?  Well, I’ll bet you didn’t know that he also picks up a ukelele to play and sing a little It’s a Wonderful World ditty.  And he smiles!  Oh yes, the acting is divine.

I’m counting down the days until this gem of a movie makes it to DVD.  I need to replace my worn out copy of The Tooth Fairy.

And why didn’t I give the movie an A+++?  The Rock didn’t take his shirt off….


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