It’s spring break!  In fact, it’s almost over.  And what do we have to show for it?

Spring break is a little mini-primer for summer break.  All the same hopes and dreams; but small scaled.  A whole week with no school?  That’s plenty of time for cleaning, reading, spending time brushing up the kids’ academic skills, getting together with friends, exploring to new destinations that we usually don’t have time to drive to… OH YES!!!

Oh, no… I’m still in my pajamas.  It’s 10:00 am.  This isn’t the first time this week.

Cleaning? Certainly not in this house and on top of that I’m not even sure the last time my kids took a shower.

Reading?  Um, a little.  Not the children, just me, and mostly People magazine.  Ooops.

Academics?  Yeah, why did I even put that on my mental list?!?

Friends?  Why is it that we are always zigging when our friends are zagging?  Maybe because we are still in our pajamas when they are out adventuring.

Exploring?  Well, here’s the problem: I forget that my children have a natural aversion to anything that I suggest will be fun.  They’d rather sit around in their pajamas , whining that they are bored.  Who do they take after?

There is one thing that we have had an abundance of this week.  One thing that has filled our home, van, and little world like spray foam insulation in cracks… that’s the sweet sound of SIBLING RIVALRY!

Spring Break is pulling to a close, and it’s mostly letting me know that I need to stock up on booze and magazines before summer break… or start signing up for more camps for the kids!

~~Delaney Rhea


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