Someone, somewhere, is responsible for deciding what crazy $h*t is going to trend next, making millions for the lucky souls who know how to find a sucker!  This article today on Yahoo is proof that a fool and his money are soon parted:

The basic gist of this article is that there is a cantalope in Japan that could run you $10, 000 to eat, a soup made from a nest of bird saliva that you should be willing to pay $20 to experience, and caviar with a $500 price tag for one serving (not to mention that it’s from an endangered fish and not legal to import into the US: Enjoy!)

The most disturbing of the list of outrageous delicacies is, interestingly enough, the Kopi Luwak coffee.  Now, the hubbster and I are self-proclaimed coffee snobs.  We start each day with the sweet siren song of the coffee grinder and a pot of black-liquid-life from our Bunn brewer.  We laugh at Maxwell House and heartily bully Folgers, all the while feeling supreme and confident in our distinctive-coffee-palates.  In walk the Kopi Luwak Coffee beans, from Indonesia, and $H*T all over ours!  No, really.  Literally.  These coffee beans are eaten by wild cat-like animals called Civets and then trained foragers collect them from the dung left behind.  Supposedly the trip through the digestive system gives the beans a smooth, bitterless taste.  I’m not sure I buy this.  I think someone, somewhere, said, “How can we make rich snobby people eat $h*t?”  Done!  And at $500 per pound no less!

I’m searching my brain for an angle to market guinea pig droppings and dropped cockatiel feathers.  Those are aplenty in this house and would be certainly fun to sell to any willing sucker!


2 thoughts on “A hot steamy cup of joe.

  1. I watched a documentary about coffee and this variety was discussed. Experts say it is expensive because of the difficulty in “cultivatibg” it. While it is chic to drink it because of it’s unusual processing, it tastes like what it is. A crappy cup of coffee.


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