Good morning Mother’s Day!  It’s so good to see you again after last year.   It’s nice to have one day devoted to me and the hardest job that I’ve ever loved: Motherhood.  Last night my family went on an adventure with me.  We wandered from the confines of our suburban life to a downtown event that was fun and lively.  I bought a lovely piece of artwork for the kids while we were there.  On the way home our Boy Child said, “It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and you just bought something for us, we didn’t do anything for you.”  I tried to explain that just coming along on my adventure with me was gift enough.  It reminded me of all the years that I gave my mother Christmas, birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts that were made of construction paper and tape, mispelled, and probably even drooled on a little.  Once I got to a certain age, about our son’s age, I suddenly couldn’t understand anymore why my mom seemed to want these trinkets of love, and why she never asked for any real gifts from us.

This year I’ve decided to make a list of the gifts that would make me the happiest for Mother’s Day: Not just today, but all of the ones to come.

  • Clean kids’ rooms, and finally finding that long lost library book.
  • Hugs and kisses galore!
  • A family bike ride.   One in which nobody cries or declares that they are about to DIE after a mile.
  • Having confidence that my children will make enough mistakes to learn the important lessons in life, but not make mistakes so big that it hinders their future.
  • Hearing, “I love you mom.”
  • Helping our children develop enough confidence and character to know when to be followers, when to be leaders, and when to walk away.
  • Hearing, “Thank you for being a good mother to our children.”
  • Raising children who believe and trust in God enough to know that God created all different types of people and it is our job to love them, not judge them.
  • A long uninterrupted bubble bath.
  • One day having adult children that actually WANT to come home to visit me on holidays.

Unfortunately, many of my greatest wishes as a mother will take decades to unfold.  I can only hope that the good days outweigh the bad, that my children take away more “Good Mommy” memories than “Mommy Monster” ones, and that when I’m sitting on a cloud sipping hot coffee with my maker and savior (hey, it’s MY heaven) I will know that I gave my children the best and worst of me, all in an attempt the get them ready to carry on and be successful and happy after I’m gone.



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