my dog will be in heaven.  He will gleefully roll in it and rejoice.

At least that’s what he did today.  I don’t know who did the poo in my front yard, but it added a distinct odor and change of color to my dog’s previously light colored coat.  He was overjoyed.  I was overwhelmed.  Thank goodness he is only @14 pounds so I was able to one-arm him to the bathroom and straight into the tub.

Big Bad Louie used to handle bathtime much like a cat; fighting for dear life to get out.  Now he is just resolved to his fate.  There could be no more pathetic or embarassed looking dog than Louie is when soaking wet.  It’s like Sampson without his hair or Dolly Parton without her wig and makeup.

My vote is that Louie looks like a drowning rat after bath.  The girl-child swears it’s the cutest thing ever.

What’s your vote?











I’ve added a non-soaking wet picture of Louie.  I was going to say “dry” but clearly, he’s skunk drunk.  No worries, he has since been through an intervention and 12 doggie steps to freedom from the booze!!


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