Today is my birthday.  A lady never shares her age, but I was born in the year that President Nixon resigned… do the math.

So I’m crawling up the age ladder one year at a time and birthdays are a time of reflection so I’m going to reflect.

1.  When I was in my twenties, and all hot-n-stuff, I remember seeing moms my age and thinking “That must be so depressing to be old and frumpy.”  Now when I see hot little numbers in their twenties I think, “That looks exhausting.”

2.  Years don’t make you old.  Birthing and raising children makes you old.

3.  Mommies still do all the work, even on their birthdays.

4.  It takes more than 38 years to outgrow liking cupcakes and ice-cream at a celebration!

5.  Wrinkles and gray hairs start before age 40.

6.  I spent 27 years wanting to be older. The first 21 were about being a grown up and, of course, beer.  Then it was about wanting to seem wise and worldly.  Now I’m realizing that no amount of years will make me seem wiser; just older.

7.  Handmade cards and gifts really ARE the best.

8.  #7 doesn’t apply to husbands.  Unless your husband works making Coach handbags or Jimmy Choos, mine does not.

9.  These days my ‘birthday suit’ really needs a session in a hot dryer to shrink it a little and a hot iron to knock out the wrinkles.

10.  #9 is only going to get worse from here on out.  In 10 years I’ll miss the skin I’m in today.

11.  Per #9 and #10, I care less and less each year.  It really is so much more important to be healthy and happy at this stage of life! That is something worth celebrating!





2 thoughts on “I can cry if I want too…

  1. I missed your birthday my dear. Sorry. I was being having a bout of wicked PMS : ) I love your posts and this one is particularly awesome. Have a happy 38th year my young friend.


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