Sometimes I’m amazed by how long I’ve lived and how many things I still haven’t experienced.  How have I made it this far without experiencing the the alternate-reality-joy that is the Renaissance Faire?  Today I had that experience… and it was amazing.  It was like having a kingdom built just for me.  There were pirates, wenches, peasants, magicians, royalty, fairies, and even a satyr.  Lots of bustiers, swords, awful accents, and various costumery… pretty much all of my favorite things.

I had planned a three-hour afternoon of fun at the faire with my kids.  Instead we were sucked into this land for almost 7 hours, even missing Girl-Child’s softball game so that we could see the final jousting competition (not failing in it’s promise to result in death.)

My favorite part of the faire was the performers.  We saw fire juggling, tightrope walking, fire juggling while tightrope walking, jump roping while balanced on a ball, and things that my mind can’t even process enough to share.

We also found ourselves completely wrapped up in the jousting drama; declaring fealty to our champion early in the day and staying through the end of the evening to see him victorious against the foe.

Where are these people hiding on a daily basis?  I want to be friends with the juggling jesters.  It makes me wonder how many people around me are hiding bustiers and button boots in their closets.  I was also taken back by how knowledgeable many of these ‘character actors’ were about the time period and the people.   They appropriately harrassed the children and made fun of all passersby.  Where do I sign up for this job!

The best part of all was the fact that my children actually enjoyed themselves for an entire day at the faire.  The Girl-Child scored a Pugasus souvenier (think small dog with wings) and the Boy-child had some good heckling fun with performers.

Now I feel like a restless child.  Forget the circus… I’m running away with the Renaissance Faire!  Quick, someone come help me lace up this corset.  Finally an acceptable place to wear Gypsy skirts.


Our Brave Sir Duncan ready to joust!










Girl-Child’s masterful face painting:


One thought on “My Faire Lady

  1. I can’t believe you’ve never been before! It IS so you!!
    We didn’t go this year, but the girls and I try to make it every year.


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