It turns out that Cinderella and I have more in common than just being married to a handsome prince (insert audible “awwww” here.)

I’m not a huge fan of fairy tales.  Especially for my daughter.  Most of the princesses are young, beautiful, mostly helpless, and doing nothing but pining for a man to rescue them and complete their lives.  Blah!

Let me tell you though, that Cinderella did have one thing going for her… she loved her friends: The mice!

It has been about a year since our last pet mice died and we had all forgotten how fun they are as pets.  They are nocturnal and sleep all day, but when evening comes they turn into agile little clowns that are a hoot to watch and hold.  I’m so glad my kids are comfortable and will sit still while the little mice run all over them, up and down their arms, hanging from clothes, and in and out of pockets.

My only complaint so far is that my mice haven’t made me any fancy dresses for me to wear!  Nor do they help with chores.

It’s still too early to know if there has been any ‘funny business’ between our mice.  That’s another blessing of the nocturnal lifestyle.  What happens at 3am in a cage in the  family room, stays at 3am in the family room!   That works in my favor as I’m pretty sure it hasn’t occurred to the Girl Child that anything has to “HAPPEN” for baby mice to result.  Of course it didn’t occur to me to think that this question would come up during this adventure.  It’s a blessing of my “act first, think later” lifestyle.

I wish that all my friends would be lucky enough to enjoy the companionship of a furry little rodent friend… Oh wait, I meant to say that my wish is that if we do end up with a cage full of baby mice that my friends will be willing to take some off my hands… there’s snake guy in Valley Park who is more than willing… but that’s more of a Discovery Channel ending than a Disney “Happily Ever After” ending!


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