This time of year, every four years, becomes a battle between political parties.  Almost all media outlets are blowing up with information, advice, angry rants, and lengthy discussions about how people should vote.

I usually stay clear from the political talk.  I’m not knowledgeable enough, nor do I think I will sway anyone (or be swayed) so I find it best to hide my head in the sand.

This year is different.  I have something to say!

The matter is simple really.  There are two main “houses of thought,” well, four really, but the other two are small and relatively powerless as they are overshadowed by the two main players.

I want to break it down for you, and then you will ultimately still be left to make your own decision.

Of the two parties:

One is comprised mostly of scholars and altruistic do-gooders.

From the other comes most of the powerful leaders who have gone bad, and are responsible for evil.

One is known for rule-following and playing fair.  Even helping others if they stumble, regardless if it will hurt their chances of winning.

The other boasts cheaters, manipulators, and members who are willing to endanger the lives of even other ‘members’ in order to further their causes.

One group strongly supports the rights and worthiness of all people.

The other group is very vocal about only liking their own kind.  Given the chance, it is all too clear that they would shun, maybe even abolish (or, *gasp* KILL), all those who weren’t ‘pure’ and just like them.

One group sticks to the truth.  Lets good naturally defeat evil.

The opposing party has many liars.  Loud, powerful, LIARS.  They have gone as far as to try to change what is taught in schools, what information is passed down from Ministry, and even has been responsible for doing away with a very strong, righteous, leader fighting against their evil lies.

It’s too painful.  I can’t type anymore.  My tears are flowing onto the keyboard.  How anyone can support such a vicious group of haters is beyond my comprehension.

The answer is clear…

                                        YOU MUST VOTE GRYFFINDOR!!!!!

                                                     Slytherin will do us in! 

This message has been approved by the “I’m a crazy fan of Harry Potter”  party.  Thank you for reading this message and God Bless.


***All statements in this blog are a direct result from the works of J. K. Rowling and are in no way supposed to be taken as a statement on actual American politicians or the bipartisan systems.  I don’t even really know what bipartisan means.  It sounds like a cross between “bifurcation” and “artisan” and that is a nasty mental image.  Don’t vote for anyone who supports bifurcating artisans.  Thank you, and God Bless.


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