What are you willing to pay for grapes?  Lately I’ve seen them on sale for $1.99/pound and upwards of $3.00/pound.  This week we had some special grapes.  They were $700 per pound.  Let me repeat that.  SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS PER POUND.  Get that?

Would you like to know what grapes that expensive taste like?  Well, you can’t.  They are  all gone.  I didn’t even get any myself.

They were eaten by Big Bad Louie!

Unfortunately, grapes can be very toxic to dogs!   It’s an odd thing, one dog may eat a whole bunch of grapes and be fine, another may eat 5 and die of renal failure in the next 48 hrs.  As far as I could figure, Louie had eaten a LOT of them.  Enough to take out a 15lb ball of fur.

Immediately I was instructed by the vet clinic to give him hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.  While he was in the backyard impersonating a frat-boy at 2AM, I put in a panic-filled phone call to my father (a veterinarian in the next state over.)

Fast forward through: rushing to the vet, a treatment with activated charcoal, intraveneous fluids, a transfer to another emergency vet hospital, bloodwork, another activated charcoal treatment, an additional 48 hours on fluids, and the total price of those grapes… $700 (give or take a few twenties).


GRAPES ARE TOXIC TO DOGS!  Or at least they can be.  And if your dog eats more than one or two dropped on the floor, take quick action.  By the time they show they are really sick, renal failure may have already kicked in.  And then it’s a hard road to recovery, and it doesn’t always end well.

Better yet, eat apples instead.  They are not toxic to dogs.

Best yet, eat dog food.  Then you can share a bowl with your dog and everybody wins.

On a side note.  I’m writing a Broadway Musical version of Snow White.  In this adaptation Show White is a canine princess and the old hag poisons her with grapes.  It’ll be a smash hit.

“Want a grape dearie?  Go on, have a bite.”


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