Louie!  Lou-lou, Lucifer, Ju-jee, Luigi, Bubba, Louis, Poo-jee… these are all names for the one and only LOUIE!  And usually that is part of the sentance, “DANG IT LOU!”

Wasn’t it just weeks ago that I paid crazy amounts of money to save Louie from being poisoned by grapes?!?  And is this how he thanks me?!?

That would be my yarn all shredded and knitting needles demolished.  There will be no tan and white dish cloth Christmas gifts now!  My knitting talents are limited to things that are square or rectangular.  Scarves.  Dish cloths. Maybe a boxy sweater for Flat Stanley.   I’m sure I would have eventually been a knitting genius… If Big Bad Lou hadn’t eaten my tools.

   This would have been a very humorously stereotypical event if he were a cat.  Good thing we don’t own a bird, he might stare at it with jaws chomping, wanting to eat it like Sylvester is to Tweety.  OH WAIT, we DO own a bird, and he does act just like that.  Although if he wants to act like a feline, I’d much prefer he learn to use a litter box instead of wake me up at 3am to go outside.  I’d also like him to not hump guests’ legs as cats don’t do that. Do they?  If they do, please correct me.  Pictures or video would be fantastically appreciated.


Go eat grapes Lou!!!…  Too soon?!?!





In other pet news.  Sugar, our female mouse, has gained 3 grams and is developing a fairy chubby belly.  I’m suspecting that her last stint of living with Spice has resulted in “everything nice.”  I’ll keep weighing her everyday… on my food scale 🙂  Be sure to get your baby-mouse adoption papers in order.  You won’t want to miss out on these one of a kind pets!  If you don’t want one… just think about them being devoured by a snake… no guilt or anything…




Is there a delivery service for pickles and ice-cream in here?

I sure hope her birth plan doesn’t include a midwife.





I realized that Crookshanks, the guinea pig, rarely gets mentioned.  She is our old, quiet, resident rodent.  Today I surprised her with a handful of cilantro and she squealed gleefully.  Truth be known, I used it as a lure to make sure she was still alive.  I hadn’t seen her outside of her house today.

I’m not sure if I’m Noah and this is my ark, or if I’m a zookeeper in this crazy zoo that I call home!



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