There is a new doll on the market that is making headlines with controversy.  The Breast Milk Baby.






This is something that I feel like I should have a strong opinion about.  But instead, I say ‘meh, it’s a doll, not my thing, but I don’t see the big deal.’

I feel like I want to have a stong opinion about this.  As a former breastfeeding mother (I nursed the Girl-child almost 2 years) I feel like I should be thrilled that this doll is on the market.  I should want little girls to have a doll that promotes the natural and healthy art of breastfeeding.  I should want little girls to have an option for feeding their babydolls  beyond the plastic bottle of creepy neon-orange liquid that disappears when you turn it upside-down.

But I don’t!  I do think this a smidge creepy.  I’m not sure I would get this for my daughter.  My daughter doesn’t like babydolls, and would rather breastfeed a tiger cub than a human, but that aside, if she wants to nurse a doll, she can just pretend to do that with any old doll.  That’s what I did as a little girl.  Much in the same way that I changed their little diapers, but am a little creeped out by dolls that really pee and poo.

On the other side of this, I also feel like I should be outraged and offended by this.  I feel like I ought to have some protective, puritanical, side of me that is horrified at a toy that brings so much focus to little girls’ breasts (or more appropriately, lack-there-of.)  But, I don’t.  I do get a little offended by the strong desire of people to sexualize breastfeeding.  Clearly these are not women who have actually breastfed.  How exactly is is sexy to have breasts so swollen that the skin looks like it might tear in multiple places, stretch marks that give evidence that indeed they already have torn in multiple places, nipples that are stretched out and disfigured by barracuda-like suckling, and constant milk dribbles that soak through and stain everything in sight.   This is not sexual.  This isn’t even fun.  This doll would be a sure-fire way to prevent future generations from breastfeeding if it had the ability to induce the pain and unpleasantries of the real thing.

Again, my opinion on this doll is: Meh.  Weird. But I’ve seen weirder.

Like: Earring Magic Ken that was patterned after what executives thought was a ‘night club’ look, but forgot to notice the rainbow flags outside the club, apparently, as Ken is sporting a purple mesh shirt and a necklace with a big ring on it.  If you aren’t sure of the significance of that ring… feel free to Google it!  Friends and I came across this little gem of a toy while shopping at a toy store.  Of COURSE I bought one.  He’s my best friend!










And does anyone else remember the emergence of the Boobah? The toy that looked like something very furry was circumcised and lo-and-behold there were eyes!  Way creepier than a baby that wants to eat the way nature intended… I just don’t want either in my house, personally.








I reserve my right to be offended for when it really counts.   For instance: tight pants for little girls with words on the bum, stringy bikinis for little girls, and all things relating to pageantry and the “Honey Booboo” effect.

I’m still waiting on a line of The Walking Dead Barbies.  Talk about a controversy where I’ll have a lot more to say.  I’ll leave you with this these beauties I found while scouring the internet for Zombie Barbies:











One thought on “The Breastfeeding doll that makes me say: “Meh”

  1. Delaney, Loved your post and agree with you on everything. I too breastfed for over 2 years and it was natural and not sexual at all. With the help of baby blankets, I breastfed in public and no one was the wiser. I am shocked still that such a big deal is made about breast feeding in public if the mother is modest and covered up. This is what makes people consider breastfeeding sexual…the ignorance of some.


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