This is the week for New Year’s Resolutions!  Unfortunately, I’ve been a failure at that game too many times to willingly set myself up again.  However, I’m hopelessly hopeful about new starts, new chances, and making positive changes in my life.  I usually try to focus on a philosophy, or quote, or some really deep mind-over-matter idea in the new year.  Then life gets busy and I forget my focus amidst sibling rivalry, vet visits, laundry, and beer.  Okay, I just added the last one to get your attention.

I learned a fantastic new idea from a friend this year.  Instead of lists of resolutions about weight I won’t lose and books I won’t write; I’m going to pick one word to focus on and learn from.  She learned the idea from this website:

I love this idea.  One word!  No lists!

I’ve decided that in 2013 my word will be: Purposefully

So often I let myself believe that my life is an out of control train, careening of track, and I’m am just along for the ride: wind-blown, white knuckled, and confused.

I want to focus on living life purposefully.

As laid out by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary:

Definition of Purposeful:

1: having a purpose
2: full of determination
pur·pose·ful·ly adverb
pur·pose·ful·ness noun 
I chose the adverb form of the word because I fully intend to actively live my life… purposfully.  Don’t go all grammer police on me.  I’m in my ‘zen, change for the better’ mode.  Not my ‘college writing professer’ mode.
Each month I will try to choose a different aspect of my life and really attempt to focus on purposfully living it.  You can expect monthly blogs about this.
My focus for January 2013: What’s the purpose of this blog?  Stay tuned!
PS.  I will likely not be linking these entries to my Facebook page.  If you want to be sure not to miss an exciting episode of “What’s in Delaney’s brain” or if you just read this to add fuel to the fire upon which you intend to roast me, I highly suggest that you momentarily divert your eyes to the right of the screen and scroll upwards.  There you will find ways to sign up for email notifications when I post.

5 thoughts on “Why I am Purposefully not making Resolutions this New Year

  1. That is a fantastic idea! This is the first year I’ve ever made any serious resolutions, so I’m trying that out, but in the future I’ll have to try this idea.


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