WHERE’S the BLOG?!?  Said in my best “old-lady-in-the-eighties-wanting-a-hamburger” voice.

Writers block.

I decided to make January the month of blogging purposefully… so I haven’t blogged.  See how good I am at resolutions?  Self-sabotage.  I turned it into an art form!  In all fairness to me, I did intend to publish only one blog at the end of each month dedicated to my year of living purposefully.  At this rate, I’ll have 12 posts for 2013!

And the other reason I’ve been negligent… I’ve been working.  A job.  In an office.  And I don’t spend the whole time blogging.

So what do I do?  At this job?  Here’s a quick rundown.  I rush the kids off to school and then rush back home so I make lunch for me and the Boss Man.  I show up late.  I try to listen to what I’m supposed to be learning.  But I get antsy and put pencils in my ears.  Boss Man doesn’t like that, so I show him some cleavage to make up for it.  I try to pay attention but I end up trying to make out with Boss Man.  Then I honk up the copy machine.  Then I eat lunch with the Boss Man.  I ask about a billion questions, some of which have to do with what I’m supposed to be learning… some of which are symptomatic of my self-inflicted A.D.D.  Then I rush out to pick up the shorties from school.

The Boss Man doesn’t like to be called that.  He says he can’t be my “boss” since we’re married.  However, in light of the fact that he won’t let me print up business cards for myself with the title, ‘Naughty Secretary” he’ll have to deal with it.

I like dressing up.  I like the time with Boss Man (Husband-Man).  I like treating him like the Boss (because you can bet your sweet bippy he doesn’t get that respect at home.  There’s a different boss in this house… well, two actually, and they only care about candy and video games!)  I like learning about what he’s actually been doing all these years when he drives away in the morning.  In my mind it’s kind of like the episode of Spongebob where Patrick is leaving for work each day, but he’s really just at his house watching TV.  Little did I know that my Voice of Reason Husband actually WORKS!  Huh?  That’s harsh.  Is that what pays for this house?  And my pimped-out vehicle?

What I don’t like is how I’m suddenly in a state of panic every moment I have at home.  When will I ever get back to finish this laundry?  When will I get dinner plans made for the week?  I don’t have any time to write!  Will I have time to practice piano?  But, I need a pedicure… and lunch with a friend… and there are some really cute Sperrys I want to find in a size 10….

I don’t like change.  It’s uncomfortable.  I don’t like learning.  It makes me feel dumb.  What I do like is who I become when I challenge myself to change and learn.

And lookie here!  I managed to write a blog.

Delaney and Geoff

Delaney and Boss Man, sitting in a tree…

Is it wrong to tell people I’m sleeping with my boss?  That I slept my way into my job?  Oh you people have NO sense of humor!  Were you raised by nuns?!?!?


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