I’m the proud owner of a ZOMBIE phone!

You can be too!!  Here’s how:

Drop your iPhone into your mug of hot coffee so that it fritzes out and dies.

Have your loving husband (insert appropriate significant other of choice) painstakingly dry it out for you over the course of 24 hours.

Turn it on and… VOILA!  It’s alive!!

Only, it’s not really alive.  It just appears to be alive.  It makes noises, although sometimes rather odd.  It can make calls.  But, it’s really slow, it has erratic behaviors, and some things just never did quite make it back to animation.

The only thing left is for it to try to eat my brains…

zombie phone


2 thoughts on “The new ZOMBIE phone!

  1. I’m not sure I understand how someone can fit a big phone like that into a cup of coffee. Maybe a half gallon mug of coffee but a cup?


    1. Don’t be a hater! The fact that I sit perched on the steps of a hot-tub filled with coffee (bonus that the tub keeps it hot and frothy) in the mornings to get my fix is no reason to judge! 🙂


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