January is officially over,  and as set out by my non-New Years Resolution, I tried to focus on Purposefully blogging this month.

At first I was rendered wordless.  Faced with the task of tagging a purpose on this blog, I just stopped blogging.  But then the words were building up in my brain.  It was let them out, or let them fester in the folds of my gray matter.

I couldn’t decide: Do I want to blog for humor?  To inform? As a confessional?

All of these?  None of these?  All and none!

I do sometimes consider myself funny.

Sometimes I have something to share that might help someone out.

Other times I’m simply unloading.

Why write at all?  Why does anyone write; blogs, books, articles, to-do lists… Why?

To pass on information, to tell stories, for a record of events, and to remember things.  These are all valid reasons to write.  These are all some of the reasons I blog.  Mostly though, I write because I love the craft and challenge of turning words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into a self-contained mini-story.

I’m always writing, though it’s usually just in my head.  I’m often turning the people I meet into characters, working funny things that happen into storylines, and imagining how to describe the places I’ve been to a reader who has never stepped foot there.

I would love to write a novel.  It’s on my life goal list.  But it’s too daunting.  Too big.  Too scary.  Too much time commitment.  But a blog!  That’s a bite-sized package of writing that I can spend a few minutes, or hours, molding, folding, pruning, planning, and publish without the fear and fanfare.

I blog for sanity.  As insane as my mind can be, it is better to let it out than hold it in.

Next up for February: Loving Purposefully



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