It’s been a rough week. I’m exhausted trying to balance work and home life. On top of it all, my Girl-Child and I have been at each other’s throats. Like all relationships, sometimes we are peachy and sometimes we are oil and vinegar.

My mood has been sagging and I’ve found myself nagging at her more often this week about this/that/the other. Why can’t she…? Why does she…? What is she…?

I don’t know why, but it just ocurred to me this afternoon that we aren’t hearing much of anything about the Newtown shootings. Just curious if anything else has come to light about this tragedy, I googled it. I came across a slideshow of 166 pictures documenting the tragedy and the community afterwards. It has only been two months. This is no longer the center of attention for the media and most of the people around me on a daily basis. I bet this is still the center of attention in the hearts of the families there in Newtown.

I’m having a pity-party about typical seven-year-old drama, and there are families out there who would just love to experience drama with the seven-year-olds they lost.


It changes everything.

Tonight I think I will just enjoy my kids and stop focusing on the little things.


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