Every April there is an onslaught of “get ready for swimsuit season” propaganda fed to women (and probably men too, but being a woman, I have selective attention) through radio, television, and print ads.   I would wage a guess that next to New Year’s Resolutions, this is the diet industry’s biggest money-making time.

Get ready for swimsuit season!

What does this really mean?

  1. You are fat.  Too fat for a swimsuit.
  2. You should be dissatisfied with your body and want to change it.
  3. There is a very short list of body types that deserve to wear a swimsuit: and yours isn’t one of them!
  4. Only those with a ‘swimsuit ready’ body deserve to enjoy summer!

Well, let me tell you a thing or two!  Can you physically wear a swimsuit?  If yes, then you are swimsuit ready!  Are you physically capable of joining your kids/grandkids/friends at the pool or beach?  Then you deserve to celebrate and go out to enjoy summer!

I can promise you that your kids/grandkids/friends are not spending time worried about what you look like in a swimsuit.  They are just thrilled to have fun and make memories with you.   I have never had anyone tell me that they remember what bathing suit their mom wore, or what size it was.  I have had many people share how much they loved family beach vacations and having fun at the pool.

If you need a new swimsuit for summer then please follow these easy guidelines:

  1. Does it fit?  Nothing falling out, up, or under that shouldn’t!  That’s all.  Don’t overthink it.  Don’t expect miracles.  Don’t over-criticize.  Does it comfortably fit?  That is all.
  2. Jump up and down.  Did everything stay in?  You need to be able to do cannonballs, play mermaid, and be ready to save a drowning child… this isn’t a magazine photoshoot, this is real life.
  3. Look yourself in the eye (in the mirror, unless you have a magic eye… that’d be cool) and say, “I am swimsuit ready.  I am summer ready.  I deserve fun this summer!”  No, really.  Say it.  Louder! Like you mean it.

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do.  I love you too much to let you go through two months of self-hate leading up to summer and then shy away from having awesome fun because you are afraid that you aren’t “swimsuit ready.”

Do me another favor, don’t let your friends go into swimsuit depression this year.  Tell them that they are ready too!  Tell them that memories aren’t based on a clothing size.  A person’s worth can’t be measured on a scale.  Children’s family bonds and values aren’t created by diet pills, protein bars, or  gym memberships.

There are many reasons to lead an active lifestyle and eat a clean healthy diet.  One of the best reasons is so that you have decades more summers to enjoy!  If you want to better yourself, do it for the right reasons.  Do it because you love yourself enough to stay healthy, because you love your family enough to stay fit and active with them, and because you want to reap the benefits of feeling fit and healthy.  Don’t try to make changes just for a few months to fit some stereotype.  Do go out and make memories.  Do go have fun!  Do love yourself at any size and in any swimsuit because you are an amazing person who makes the world a better place everyday.

Now go have fun!




10 thoughts on “You ARE ready for swimsuit season!

  1. You are awesome!! This is so true and just what I (and probably all of us out here) needed to hear. Thanks for the encouragement and the perspective. Off to get cannonball ready! 🙂


    But, I have to tell you, I DO remember the swimsuit my mom used to wear around 1965 and the struggle she endured to put it on. Ugh! It was light blue with lots of little folds in the belly and she could never get a good grip on it. Worse though, was the swimming cap she wore. It was white and had a strap that went under the chin. As if it would ever be able to fall off. I hated those things, they hurt so much. Oh, and floppy rubber colored flowers on the side near the snap. But once we were ready we sure did have fun!!!
    Thanks for the memories!


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