Today is New Year’s Eve.  A time of reflection and a time of new beginnings.  And… a time for overwhelming pressure and angst.

Historically I’ve hated New Year’s Eve.  So much pressure.  Pressure to dress up, go out and have an amazing night, have a passionate kiss at midnight, make resolutions that will lead you to your own personal perfection in the next year… So! Much! Pressure!

No more.  I’m 40.  I don’t have to play your games Mr. New Year’s Eve!  Actually, I haven’t for a few years now, but I’m finally ready to admit it.

My baby brother (and by baby, I mean 24 years old) was born on December 31st.  It is so much more rewarding to focus on and celebrate his birthday than trying to look glittery for a club full of people I’ve never met.  Plus, his birthday celebrations are absolutely “yoga pants approved” events!

Every year has highs and lows.  Some years have much higher highs or much lower lows, but over the course of 365 days a lot of shizzz goes down.  Bucket loads.  I don’t want to be forced to let all that shizzz hit the fan all at once because it’s the last day of the year.  Let me muddle through the troughs of my years one day at a time, as I’m ready; thank you very much.

No more pressure for the midnight passionate kiss!  I’ve been kissing the same man for 19 New Year’s Eves in a row now.  I’m proud to say that there is still a whole lot of passion and kissing in my marriage and I don’t have to stay awake until midnight on December 31st to make that happen.  I can go to sleep at 10:30 and still expect enough passionate kisses to make my children gag and scream over the next 365 days.  That is way more special to me than a forced kiss at a predetermined moment.  And that’s my official announcement that (once again) I plan to be asleep before the official start of the year 2015!

This year there shall be no New Years Resolutions!  No more putting on paper the plans that will never come to fruition.  No planning how to become a better person.  I am good enough just as I am.   Maybe I’ll lose weight this year.  Maybe I’ll gain some.  I may finally organize the closets or I may hoard more pets.  It won’t really affect the world one way or another, so why plan for it?  I’m not going to strive for major changes that I don’t need.

Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, nor does it every actually get here… always and forever all we really have is today.  The year 2015 will have 365 todays.  If I’m lucky enough to witness each and every one of them I can be certain that there will be ups and there will be downs and I just want to experience them.  I want to focus on the many blessings that each today brings.   I just want to cherish each today, each moment, each passionate kiss, each experience, each high and low that will weave together to create the experience that is simply my life.

May your each and every today be filled with blessings in the year 2015.

Much love to you and yours,





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