Do you know what this house needs?  More animals!  I’m pretty sure that’s not my husband’s opinion.  The kids and I are always ready for another little face to look at and mouth to feed (and cage to clean.)

I’m pleased to introduce the newest addition to this Maniacal Menagerie:

Needles the Sonic Hedgehog


Yes, that’s right.  We now have a hedgehog.  He’s an adoption from friends that are moving across the world and need to rehome him.  Being a couple years old and finding himself in new surroundings with new sights and sounds has left him a little skittish and prickly.  So far I’m only able to handle him with leather gloves.  We are making progress though as I’ve learned that the way to his heart is through his stomach and the way to his stomach is mealworms!

Needles the Sonic Hedgehog 005

When I get him out of his cage I sprinkle some mealworms around so that he has to wander around and find them.

I’m not counting on ever having a snuggle buddy in this little fellow, but I have to say that so far we are really enjoying watching him in action.

Now, should I mention the guinea pig we recently met that also needs a new home?

Stay tuned!


I am the maniac.  This is my menagerie!


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