I’m pretty low maintenance.  In fact, a little too low.  Like, NO maintenance.  I’ve always been too lazy for much in the way of upkeep, but lately I’ve given up.  I’m 40.  I have the expected wrinkles and issues of 40 year old skin, but I also unexpectedly have the acne of a 16 year old. (Wish I had the butt of a 16 year old.)

All this taken into account, when I started seeing posts all over Facebook about women sporting gorgeously long eye lashes thanks to the 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique, I absolutely knew that this product was NOT for women like me.

But I have a friend who sells it and I kept running into her.  And she kept telling me I should try.

Here were my reasons not to:

  1. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  My face = sow’s ear.
  2. I have sensitive eyes and have to be careful about what I use on them.
  3. I’m not skilled at make-up application.  I’m a minimalist for a reason.

Finally it occurred to me: What if I had thick full lashes for people to notice, instead of noticing my acne/wrinkles/overgrown eyebrows?

With visions of Tammy Faye Baker winking at me in my imagination I gave it a try.

Honestly… It works.  You can layer it for more length and POP, but since I’m a novice, I’ve erred on the conservative side.

My verdict:

  1. It’s actually pretty easy to use.  If I can manage, anyone can.
  2. It does give me a more ‘polished’ look when I’m actually getting dressed up.
  3. It did not cause itchy or watering eyes for me.  I was really happy about that.

You do need to take the time to remove it at the end of the day with eye-makeup remover (or it will migrate from your eyes-to cheek-to pillow in the night.)

My biggest realization was how difficult it is to take a picture of ones own eyes!  By comparison, using the mascara is a breeze.

On the left are my 3D Fiber enhances lashes and on the right are my normal mascara lashes.


Score one for sexy lashes!  Now, someone needs to hook me up with cures for the wrinkles, acne, cellulite… Oh who am I kidding, I’d better just take this “maintenance” thing in baby steps!





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