I’m now wearing my 11th tray out of 27 for my Invisalign treatment.  I can honestly say that things have improved immensely since I first wrote about my experience: here.  Then again, that may be a little like announcing that Velveeta is amazing cheese compared to Cheese Whiz. *Stop, unless you are 14 or a college stoner, do not try to tell me that Velveeta or Cheese Whiz are actually cheese, or edible.  Do not anger the Goddess of Brie*

I can definitively say that I no longer feel like I’m walking around with Tupperware in my mouth.  Now it only feels like my teeth are shrink wrapped.

I’m quite used to lisping and spitting when I talk at this point.  What I’m not used to is the constant cotton-mouth dryness.  My mouth has become an arid desert and my tongue dry and rough like sand.  And that, my friends, is why I drink wine water constantly.

Before starting treatment I kept hearing that wearers lost an average of 10 pounds in the first months of wear due to discomfort and having to take them out to eat.  I took that as a challenge.  I’ve proven that you can be in mouth pain and only give yourself less than two hours of collective time a day to eat and still shovel enough food down your throat to maintain a plush healthiness of your waistline.  WINNER!

There is nothing like reaching into your mouth and yanking out spit covered retainers at the dinner table to make conversation come to a halt.  Except maybe the one time I shoved them in my coat pocket and then accidentally pulled them out in front of the grocery store cashier while looking for my credit card.

At least I’m no longer in pain from the treatment. I think after about four weeks the roots of my teeth were so loosened in my head that I could probably rearrange my teeth like Stonehenge without pain.

To my surprise, for the most part, people don’t seem to be aware that I’m wearing them.  At first I thought the name Invisalign should be changed to Hellolookatmyplasticteethalign  because with the way they felt I seriously thought even Mr. Magoo could see them.  As I’ve been out and about socially *I’m really popular* I’ve had people ask, “Do you have them in right now?” more than a couple of times.   Maybe they really are invisible.  Maybe all of my friends need corrective eyewear.

I do find that I am unable to throw away each tray when I move on to the next.  I now have a horded stash of my previous 10 trays as a trophy of the progress I’ve made.  I thought that was totally normal until my husband stumbled upon them and in horror asked, ” Why? Are you going to save them all until the end and then wear them in reverse?”  I can promise I hadn’t thought of that.

The amazing part of this journey is that I no longer have ‘summer teeth.’  You know: Some are here, some are there.  I can now see that there have been real changes in my bite and the alignment of my teeth.  That’s all the encouragement I need to continue this journey.








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