Most of my life I have been told I am “too.”

Too silly.

Too weird.

Too loud.

Too emotional.

I’ve heard this message and I’ve had all the appropriate emotions: guilt, shame, regret. But I have never had the ability to cure myself of this disease of TOO. Or more so, it didn’t feel authentic to change. I would just be pretending to be just so instead of too.

One afternoon I was chilling at the home of a friend (who maybe also could be in the camp of too with me) and a book on her coffee table caught my eye; Born to FREAK a Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans by Sarah Seidelmann. And right there on the cover was this quote, “Why everything you’ve been told is wrong with you is absolutely right with you!”

My first thought? “That title is too long…”  Just kidding! My first thought was, “I don’t know this woman, yet she wrote a book about me!”

This book is a game changer. My eyes have been opened to answers that have thus far eluded me. If you are also accused of the dreaded “too” then this might just be the book you need as well.

Sarah Seidelmann will take you through a journey of discovery in this book. You will discover that you are, in fact, just right and that you have always been just right. You will learn to stop second guessing everything about yourself. You will learn to trust yourself to be exactly who and what you should be. And best of all, you will rejoice in all of your glory, or freakiness, or “too-ness” because whatever you call it, it really is just awesomeness.

You can order this book through Amazon and start your own journey to self discovery of a way to live life in the fullest, most passionate, and unapologetic way possible. While you are at it check out her website as well. You deserve this!









One thought on “I’m fixin’ to Freak my Freak out!

  1. I have never loved a book more of felt more validated by the craziness and awesomeness held between two covers. Ok, that comment ended oddly and made my mind go elsewhere. But, my dear Delaney, that is part of my “too!”

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