We all know a treasure map when we see one. Sometimes there are islands and water, other times there are mountains and forests, but there is always a treasure. We immediately know where to find the treasure. Our eyes go straight to the treasure, like a homing device, and we salivate for the glorious goods we know to be there. This is because this treasure is always under the X. It is universal to kindergarteners and pirates alike.  X marks the spot.  X is the final destination. X is where our dreams come true!

What if our lives are really just one big treasure map outlining the paths we take and the journeys we make? If the timeline of your life is laid out before you like a personalized map, where did you put your X?  Whether consciously or not, each of us makes the choice of where to put our own X and each of us is focused on reaching that magical final destination. I think it’s pretty important to take some time to make a conscious decision about our own personal treasure.  After all, what we seek we will find.  I’ve talked about this in previous blogs.  We are always on a quest for our X so lets make sure we’ve placed it wisely.

Is your X placed over wealth?  Either of money, or cars, or any other material goods?  Are you constantly seeking the treasure of more money?  Are your decisions and actions propelling you towards being able to have more of everything?

Or is your X placed over beauty?  Maybe you are chasing down the elusive ‘fairest maiden of them all’ title.

Many people have their X placed over popularity and acceptance.  I’ve been an approval junkie most of my life so I know what it’s like to seek a treasure trove of ego-stroking approval from others.

Maybe your X is on power. Career advancement, job titles and the ability to make decisions and dictate the actions of others are all examples of the power trip treasure.

I can’t tell you that any of these are necessarily the wrong place to put your X.  I just suggest that we all take the time to make sure we really know what treasure we are seeking and what actions we are taking to reach it.  When we are focused on a goal it affects the way we process everything around us and it affects all of our decisions.

How many people do we know of who have broken moral and legal code to build and maintain their empires of wealth and/or power? I’ve sold my soul for popularity.  I know firsthand that it is impossible to stand strong for what you truly believe and simultaneously be accepted by the masses.  More often we have to exchange our beliefs and values for popularity.

The first step is to take an honest evaluation of the path you have been on and figure out where you have placed your X. Then it’s time to decide if this treasure feels authentic to your soul and edifies you as the person you wish to be.  How do you want to be remembered and what final destination are you really looking for at the end of your treasure map?

You can always pick up and reposition your X.  For years I was chasing down the treasure of popularity even though I didn’t know it.  The closer I came to my X, the worse I felt about myself and the mark I was leaving on this world.  I wish I could say that moving my X was as easy as sliding my living room couch around on the hardwood floor.  But it’s not.  It’s a slow change with setbacks.  Bit by bit I’m hauling that X to a different corner of my map and I’m changing directions.

What would change in your life if you moved your X to love?  Or peace?  What about kindness or spiritual enlightenment.  How would that change the little decisions you make on a daily basis?  How would that affect your perception of your world and your internal dialogue with yourself? How would it affect your relationships with loved ones?

You get to be the cartographer of your own treasure map of your life.  Where are you going to place your X?



treasure map


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