My heart is aching and it gets worse every time a news story breaks. Shootings and killings are a daily occurrence. Why are we killing each other and why aren’t we stopping it. Is it because it’s only a problem for ‘them?’  Is it too scary for members of the majority to see and admit that there REALLY IS a very big problem?

We cling to our guns and cry for more guns while the bullets are lodging in the chests of our babies. Our fear tells us that only a gun in our own hands can protect our babies.  Which is admitting that we are willing to put a bullet in someone else’s baby.

We fear anything that we don’t understand.

We are killing in the name of a God that we don’t understand.

Black babies, white babies, rainbow flag babies, and Muslim babies all have one thing in common. All are babies of God. We all share one earth. We all breath the same air. The water that fills our oceans, falls as rain, and nourishes our bodies is all of one source: Earth. The same air and water that the dinosaurs, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Bob Marley lived off of is still recycling through us.

How do we not feel it in our very soul when a life is snuffed out due to hate and fear? We remove ourselves from it by putting it in the category of “them.”

There is no THEM there is only US. We are the human race. This foolishness must stop.

We must be thinking globally, not locally.  We must be trying to save everyone, not just the educated elite.

Every human must mourn these losses in a gut-wrenching and visceral way so that we can level the field and fight as one against evil.  Evil comes in all colors, genders, and religions. Evil pretends to be fear and self-righteousness. Don’t fall for it any more.

MOMS- I cry to you! All these fools with titles and degrees and rooms of policy makers can’t stop this insanity. But WE can. We must cry for every lost soul. Our children must watch us mourn. They must hear us wailing for the black babies, white babies, rainbow babies, and each and every baby who has had their breath stolen by violence. We must teach our babies to cry over each other. We must mourn together. We must fight for, instead of against, each other.

We have to start accepting that racism exists and is scary as hell.  It’s okay to not understand the scope of the problem. It’s not okay to deny it’s existence.  You can not continue to close your eyes and think that it won’t find you.  Racism is an evil that must be named.  It must be hunted and thrown into the public eye. Then we must painfully and humbly accept and admit that we are all playing into this most dangerous and evil game. Otherwise is festers and grows behind our backs while we try to sleep better at night by pretending it isn’t staring at us all the while.

I don’t want to live in a world where police officers are terrified to do their jobs and aren’t sure if they’ll make it home. I don’t want to live in a world where moms are terrified to let their black babies out of their sight because of police officers. I don’t want to live in a world where gay babies aren’t safe to follow their hearts and love authentically. I don’t want to live in a world where Islamic babies are fearful of wearing their traditional religious clothing.

While we fight, like territorial insects, our Earth is suffering. We are running out of land, water, and clean air. Babies are starving and disease is rampant. We are so focused on turbans, do-rags, and rainbows that we are literally forgetting about the living planet under our feet that we are all dependent upon.

I can’t change this. It is so painful to feel like I can do nothing. But I can mourn. I can wail loudly so that everyone around me must hear and take notice. Maybe someone will wonder why a Christian, affluent, white (ish) woman is wailing over the loss of THEM and will be moved to see that it’s all an illusion. We have all been foolishly led into battle against THEM. As long as we are in fighting mode the blood spills and Satan gets his wish. Who are THEY? There is only one earth to house and nourish all of us. We are all in this together.  We literally share all the same earthly energy regardless of our differences.

Wake up. THERE IS NO THEM! We are killing ourselves.  We are in the midst of an ignorant race for extinction and we are so busy pointing fingers that we don’t even see the blood on our own hands.

We are losing the one race that matters… the human race.




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