After staying home for the last 10 years to raise children and run a household, I’ve realized that I’m much better at the children part than the household part.  I’m not a candidate for the show Hoarders yet, but I’m certainly not going to win any trophies for a museum house.  I get much more pleasure from my children and pets than from domestic duties.  A house is not a home unless you can write LOVE in the dust… I could be writing this blog in dust…

The Menagerie:

The Maniac, me, 40+ years young.  The Voice of Reason Husband, 40+ years old.  The Boy Child, 15 years old.  The Girl Child, 11 years old.  Louie, a Havanese 15lb ball of fluffy fiery dog. Oliver the guinea pig that looks like a chinchilla with the butt of a Koala. Our 55 pound lovely standard poodle, Rosemary, and a  Cinnamon Cockatiel named, Aussie, who is just as loud, demanding, and crazy as the rest of us. I would say that the menagerie is full, but I’m just crazy enough to always be on the lookout for the next annoying pet adventure!

I am the maniac.  This is my menagerie.  It is full of fun, love, and just enough crazy to make us interesting!


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